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Why our work matters

Sat 7 Nov 2015

Parent Infant Partnership (PIP) UKs vision is to provide services in local communities to babies who are struggling to develop a secure bond and start with their primary caregiver (generally the mother) and to provide a therapeutic space to grow positive interactions between the infant-parent relationship.

Perinatal mental health, substance misuse, domestic violence and birth trauma are a few of the significant risk factors that can get in the way of a baby making a bond with its caregiver. At PIP UK we aspire to enable every baby and their family that finds themselves impacted by some of these risks to ensure that they have access to specialist clinical support through a strength based approach.

From the moment of conception, through to birth and the first year of life every aspect of a baby’s environment influences its physical, emotional and social development. Babies need to be wanted, nurtured, loved, protected and valued by emotionally available and sensitively responsive parents.

Such an environment allows the child to develop their potential with emotional wellbeing, capacity to form and maintain relationships, healthy brain and language development leading onto cognitive development, school readiness and lifelong learning.

It is a public health concern that so many babies and their families’ emotional needs are not being met across the UK with a lack of specialist clinical services available for the conception to age 2 period. This has a detrimental impact upon local communities in which statistics show that around 20% of the maternal population are suffering emotional and psychological distress, beginning in the antenatal period.