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How PIPs Help Families

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine, but as with all relationships it can be difficult and sometimes specialist support is needed ensure a healthy attachment right from the start when it is of most benefit to the baby - the period we call the 1001 Critical Days, the period from conception to age two.

Your connection to your baby begins from pregnancy, and can be affected by a range of situations, from ante- and post-natal depression, to anxiety and other emotional issues.

This is where we come in, with a technique we call 'Parent-Infant Psychotherapy'. Trained therapists work through our network of Parent Infant Partnerships (or PIPs) to make sure you get the right support through this period to raise resilient, fulfilled and emotionally balanced children.

What next?

If you think you and your child will benefit from our support, or a professional you've spoken to refers you to us, a qualified therapist will meet you to talk about the concerns you have and discuss what we can offer.

If the therapist feels our support may be of help, then they will arrange to meet you with your baby for 50 minutes once a week. Alternatively, they may recommend a different type of support if they feel this may suit you better.

Our services will be as accessible as possible and so we try to provide flexibility as to the venue, location and timing of a session.

In your session, you will gain a deeper understanding of your parenting style and discover new ways of thinking about your baby, the relationship between you, and how to meet their emotional and developmental needs.

If you think our service is for you, then click here to Find Your Local PIP.