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Expert views about parent infant mental health and early intervention, from the PIP UK community and partnership organisations.

Wed 23 Dec 2015 Parent Infant Partnership (PIP) UK celebrates a fantastic year and looks forward . . .

Reflections from PIP UK on looking back (2015) and moving forward (2016)

Fri 11 Dec 2015 PIP UK facilitates the relaunch of the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto in Parliament

The charity Parent Infant Partnership (PIP) UK welcomes the re-launch of the cross-party manifesto 1001 Critical Days: conception to age 2 today in Parliament, which highlights the importance of acting early to enhance the outcomes for children. We are lucky enough to facilitate the 1001 Critical Days Campaign nationally alongside being a joint secretariat with the WAVE Trust for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Conception to Age 2 as our policy arm.

The APPG group was... more here

Thu 12 Nov 2015 3 Reasons why we need Parent Infant Partnerships locally. Dr Kerry Taylor, Brighton Parent Infant Psychological Therapy

BrightPIP’s mission is to provide Parent Infant Psychotherapy to all families who need this in a timely and accessible way. I find the damage done to some of our children heart breaking and I believe parent and baby work can begin to prevent damage. I question passionately, why, with our current attachment research and knowledge base, would we go with an illness model (let's wait until children get mentally unwell and then address the issue) rather than a wellness and preventative model.... more here

Fri 30 Oct 2015 1001 critical days – the time from conception to age two is essential to a child’s wellbeing.

Clair Rees – Executive Director, PIP UK.(Published on ConHOME Website 15th Sept 2015)

What do you think should be the first priority for our nation’s wellbeing? Parity of esteem between physical and mental health? Addressing health inequalities? Social mobility? Breaking cycles of deprivation, inequality and poverty? I guess some... more here